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Want to keep your warehouse clean? Here’s how

A warehouse can be one of the most chaotic workplace environments in any industry. So many things happen simultaneously, staff coming and going, loads of products being brought in or taken out, and the machines all around going about their business. Warehouses can get dirty really easily, there are so many different spaces and surface areas, especially if you have mezzanine floors, that can gather plenty of dust and dirt. With many people and machines walking and riding everywhere, keeping the floors clean can be a hassle, make sure to appreciate the custodians and janitors around you. 

Having a clean work environment is important for the efficiency, productivity, safety, and mental health of all the employees in that environment. So, it’s safe to say that cleanliness in the workplace should be maintained constantly. We will describe in this blog post ways to keep your warehouse clean.

Discard big items and vacuum

It isn’t a rare occurrence to find big pieces of cardboard, plastic, and other kinds of garbage in the way of where employees need to walk. To make sure no one gets hurt by tripping over these large pieces of trash, these need to be the first thing to go. Cleaning the big pieces of garbage first will then make it easy to clean the smaller bits, such as dirt and dust. With a vacuum, get rid of the dirt, sand, and dust that is a constant in every warehouse ever. 

Mop the floors 

After getting rid of the dust and dirt with the vacuum, mopping the floors is next. This will make sure any stains on the floor will get out as well as any dirt that might have been left over by the vacuum. Because of how big warehouses are, it can take a long time to mop it in the same way you’d mop a home, so a special floor cleaner will make the job easier and it will do it better.

Dry the floors

The next step in this cleaning process is to dry the floors. Having wet floors is incredibly dangerous in a place where people are constantly walking up and down. Slipping on a wet floor can bring very serious injuries and no one wants that. Not drying the floors will also make them get dirty all over again rather quickly.