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Reasons why you should study Business Management on our channel

Face it. You’ve seen that church tower long enough. Starting an agency in Iceland? Prefer to play in the American market? The sky’s the limit.

Your education is in English, which means that you fit the bill anywhere in the world. Asia, Africa, India, … we prepare you for every continent.

Many students go on to successfully complete a Master’s degree. For example, there is a student who specializes in Football Business & Management.

High school was great, but you don’t want anything that is already 2025-proof. The market is different every day, we prepare you for that.

You don’t have to, but if you want you will be in control of your own company in the future.

Yep, it will! Your classes are in English and your class is filled with students from abroad. Voila!

A more than decent wage? Count on yes
An international profile is not that easy to find, let alone someone who has been specifically trained for it.


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