Well let’s get one thing straight, the title of this NBA 2k17 article is so telling that I really don’t know what to write in this top segment about Barack Obama and his involvement with NBA2k17. But let’s just skip all of this and get right into the meat of how you can play as Barack Obama in NBA 2k17 right now.

Well it seems that YouTuber NykeFaller created an Obama-character that strikes an eerie resemblance to the former occupant of the White House which is held today by our lord and savior. In essence, the character resembles the former president so much that it has been uploaded for you to download and play around with in NBA2k17. Mind you that you won’t get any special moves like using the secret service or Air force One in NBA 2k17, but it is god damn fun to see the former president play against all-star basketball pros. Just try not to rough him up too much, he is was your president for god’s sake… Nah I’m messing with you, its NBA 2k17 so you can go nuts.

Well, turns out that you can do pretty much anything with the character creator in NBA 2k17. A neat little thing if I may say so myself. But since NBA 2k17 is quite the popular addition to the already fine NBA franchise, I am quite disturbed knowing that we will have a Trump character in the game in no time. Let’s see how many walls he can place on the fields of NBA 2k17.