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4 Reasons Why Verified Purchase Reviews Can Still Be Fake

Today, the validity of many e-commerce websites is the reviews they get from the consumers of their products. This is why many shopping sites include the “write a review” after you check out and pay for your goods. Reviews are a valuable tool for the growth of these platforms. Many times, customers like you need reviews before you purchase from the website. This is why there are many e-commerce purchase reviews.

As there is a growing consciousness of the need to verify reviews, it has been important to find out abouttrusted reviews before buying from a platform. Today, you can spot purchased online reviews. However, how do you know more about unreliable reviews?

Unreliable reviews, according to theCEO of Fakespot, can be Bot reviews. This is the review in which computers spit out dates for events through their manipulated algorithms. These are mostly used for big shopping events likeBlack Friday. These are promotions of accessories, smaller appliances, and other electronics which you can shop for online.

The other kind of review is often a paid one. You can even call it an arranged one. The customers are unsuspecting as influential persons promote and endorse a product. They are mostly offered coupons and gift cards to post those fake reviews.

To know about these purchase reviews and verify them, you must:

  1. Read the Reviews: This way, you can’t get swindled after reading the reviews you find on a product of interest, and determine the tone. You can sort the review by “newest first” or “date”. Through this, you can spot when the review came on and when the products themselves were available. If it is negative, the review is fake.
  2. You Can Use Free Online Review Analysis Services: There are many online review services like ReviewMeta and Fakespot thriving in the industry. These are websites that create analysis of product reviews. They don’t paraphrase or repeat what others say. Through them, you can detect patterns that are not right and get the results you’re looking for.
  3. Find Out About the Product Outside the Ecommerce Store: If you want to buy onAmazon or eBay, and you’re sure that some reviews are doctored, search about such products outside the e-commerce stores. There are extensive websites that review e-commerce stores online. You can even see professional shopping websites to read what they say about the products and the affiliate ecommerce store you want to buy from.
  4. Consider the Return Policy Before Buying: Even if you want to trust your gut and still buy a product, check for the return policy. Any store with a low return policy may probably have low-quality products. You could be manipulated by what is on the review, which is why you must check the product details.

By reading reviews, using free review analysis services online, reading about the products and e-commerce store outside the store, and considering return policies, you can easily spot a doctored review and avoid being scammed by it.